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Monthly Archives: February 2016


Seven Tips For Better Editing

            We are all aware of how important proper editing is to a good novel. How many times have you read a book with a great story line, only to find yourself annoyed by an overabundance of errors? It is nearly impossible to identify every typo in a full-length novel, but we can make our end product more professional with these simple steps. Read your work. I’m not talking about reading as you write. I’m talking about reading after you’ve completed the writing portion of your project. Put it aside for at least two weeks, preferably as long as two months (unless you’re on a deadline). Then pick it back […]

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Five Ways to Use Prompts

Do you ever get stuck in your writing? Sometimes a simple prompt can take a sledge hammer to the wall that is holding you back. 1. Word prompts. These are simple one or two word prompts that can spark your creativity. One that I remember using was “tiny bubbles.” I thought about how to use that prompt and wrote a scene that started with a character staring into her glass of soda mesmerized by the tiny bubbles. Once I wrote the first sentence, using that prompt, the rest of the scene flowed smoothly. During NanoWrimo I use word prompts to help me keep writing. Sometimes the sentence with the prompt gets cut, but if it […]

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Three Ways to Prepare Spiritually for Christian Authors

Last month I shared my top five tips for Christian writers. Today, I’d like to talk more about the tip that made the top of that list – preparing spiritually. How do we prepare spiritually? 1. Prayer. We talk about prayer. We sing about prayer. We go to prayer meetings. We pray in groups. Yet the big question remains, are we incorporating prayer into every aspect of our lives? When we sit down to write, are we asking God to guide the process? When we edit, are we including Him in the decision of what scenes to cut? Let’s set aside our to-do lists for a moment and ask God to guide and direct our […]

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