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A guest post by Ada Brownell: Gifted Musicians

David and all Israel played before God with all their might, and with singing and with harps, and with psalteries, and with timbrels, and with cymbals, and with trumpets (1 Chronicles 13:8). Some people are born with amazing musical talent. Our daughter, Carolyn who died of lymphoma at age 31, had perfect pitch. We didn’t know anything about perfect pitch when she was younger. When she was somewhere between age 6 and 8 I was shocked when she walked up to the church organist and said, “You aren’t flatting your E when you play ‘When the Roll is Called up Yonder.’” I knew the organist wasn’t flatting the highest E in the melody, but I […]

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fence sitting

I have decided

Amy Grant had a song many years ago by that title: I Have Decided. Hearing it today made me think of those of us who sit on the fence, trying to straddle good and evil, wanting to be a light to this broken world, but afraid to fully turn from the darkness. I suppose I spent a number of years in that place. It’s not a good place to be. We are called to make a decision. And to make it fully. Now we know from verse 1 of chapter 1 that the book of James is written to the twelve tribes of Israel scattered abroad. It is not written to the church, the body […]

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A Guest Post by Susan Karsten – A Grateful Journey to Publication

Please welcome Susan Karsten to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Gratitude Fridays Feature. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. The brief blurb below captures at least six years of concerted effort. In the fall of 2011, someone (the sands of time obscure exactly who) told me about the National Write a Novel in a Month experience. I did not “win” as they call it when one completes a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. But, I had about 11,000 words of what became my (yet-unpublished) children’s chapter book, a novel entitled “Five Months in the Sweet […]

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A GUEST POST BY AMBER SCHAMEL: Life is Worth the Living Just Because He Lives

Please welcome Amber Schamel to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Musical Wednesdays Feature. Life is Worth the Living Just Because He Lives by Amber Schamel Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God. ~Ps. 42:11 Discouragement is strong and real. Depression even more. I know it exists. I’ve fought it myself. But I thought I was one of a minority. As our family has traveled the globe through our ministry, I have been shocked at the vast amount of people who struggle with it severely. Chronically. Every day. In every country. And even more appalling, is that it […]

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wheelchair and woman

Am I yet carnal?

1 Corinthians 3:3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? Thursday afternoon we had choir practice. I had a POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) attack while there. During a POTS attack my heart races and my blood pressure drops. My meds usually work quickly to control it, but it takes days or even weeks to fully recover from a bad attack. After driving home (which I shouldn’t have been doing), I let my goats and sheep out and went down the hill to put away my chickens. While ducking myself down under the chicken coop to reach the […]

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A guest post by Linda Shenton Matchett – Gratitude During Trying Times

Please welcome Linda Shenton Matchett to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Gratitude Fridays Feature. Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations. I Peter 1:6 It’s easy to be grateful when life is good, isn’t it? We have a great job, we’re healthy, and our family life is percolating merrily along. We pay our bills, take a vacation now and again, and maybe even save a little money. We smile and say “praise the Lord.” Then we hit a pothole, a giant chasm that we disappear into, wondering if things will ever be right again. Perhaps we lose […]

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Please welcome Jenna Victoria to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Musical Wednesdays Feature. Jenna is doing a giveaway of a winning Reader’s choice of audiobook or ebook of Love Among the Lilacs. Leave a comment for a chance to win. I’m thrilled to be visiting Musical Wednesdays today to offer thoughts on my life hymn, Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart. As background, the text of this hymn was written by Anglican Minister George Croly, born in 1780 and who successfully ministered to churches in the slums of London for fifty-odd years. He wrote many similar compositions and published a collection in 1854 entitled Psalms and Hymns for […]

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One of the most rewarding things we can do in life is surrender. Wave the white flag. Give up. No, surrender doesn’t make us a coward. It means we’ve finally come to realize that we can’t fix everything. When we reach the end of ourselves and surrender to God we find a peace. It doesn’t mean that nothing ever bothers us again, but we know that He knows the end from the beginning. Whatever it is that is causing us turmoil, making us lose sleep, and giving us a severe headache is easily understood from His perspective. He can see what will happen. He wants the best for us. Sometimes giving us the best will […]

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A GUEST POST BY Katie Cruice Smith: Thankful for the Manna

Please welcome Katie Cruice Smith to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Gratitude Fridays Feature. Thankful for the Manna Two weeks after we arrived home with our newborn, newly-adopted daughter, my husband was asked to have a meeting with the district manager of the large retail company he worked for as a store manager. With no notice and for a very small infraction, my husband was terminated from the company that had controlled our lives for five years. Suddenly, we found the joy of being new parents tempered by a long summer of unemployment. I had already quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom because we had planned to […]

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A guest post by Catherine Castle: One Day at a Time

Please welcome Catherine Castle to Faith in Writing. She has written a guest post for the Musical Wednesdays Feature. One Day at a Time By Catherine Castle Have you ever been in a place in your life where all you could handle was what was dealt to you one day at a time? Overwhelmed, you cried out, like Scarlet O’Hara, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!” Maybe the trouble came in the form of the death of a family member, a broken relationship, a lost job, or a catastrophic illness. Perhaps pain or addiction caused you to live day-to-day. Whatever the issue, every one of us has probably faced something that shoved us back on our […]

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