Shadowing Stella Kindle Cover
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Shadowing Stella Kindle Cover

Shadowing Stella (An Inspirational Christian Romantic Suspense Novel)

Endless Mountain Series - Book 1

About This Book

Shadowing Stella Kindle Cover

Evil lurks in Edinsville.

Stella McIntyre, may have made some questionable choices, but she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Pregnant, alone, and without a home, her challenges seem insurmountable.
When she comes to the end of herself, there is only one place left to turn. She heads back to to the small town of Edinsville to the family and God from whom she ran. They welcome her home, but someone is watching from the shadows.
Jason Duncan meets Stella at an inopportune time, but he’s determined to get to know her despite her challenges. He has to push hard to get her to acknowledge his existence. Once he gets her attention, can he break through her defenses to break down the barriers she’s erected to protect her heart?

When Stella is abducted she must keep her faith and wits sharp if she hopes to see daylight again.

“Suspense, Romance, Faith, and Family – all the elements that make for a good read…”
-D. Chatley (Amazon Reviewer)

“The suspense kept me on my seat until the end. It’s a page turner! I was rooting for Stella the whole time…”
-Patricia Hinojosa (Amazon Reviewer)

“The author has a knack (gift) of infusing new plots and characters within the main story line in such a fashion as to increase the readers’ interest and excitement.”
-Mary Van Everbroeck (Amazon Reviewer)

Semi-finalist in ACFW Genesis Contest – 2015


The Endless Mountain Series is a series of stand-alone books that can be read alone or as a series. While the characters from the first book are mentioned in the second and third books, they do not need to be read them in order to understand the individual stories.