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Stella cover

Released April 15, 2016

Abandoned by her roommate, Stella is running-scared. Life and death decisions force her to re-examine her faith, and put her priorities in order. Jason returns from Iraq and finds himself intrigued by Stella. He doesn't let her predicament scare him off. His attention only exacerbates her anxiety. Why should she trust him?

Something is amiss in the quiet town of Edinsville. How will Stella fare as her world gets turned upside down?


Paula rated it ★★★★★

Read for honest review. Wonderful Christian fiction. Bad things can happen to good people. Good mystery thriller. .

Pamela Harstad rated it ★★★★★

Stella started with a unique inciting incident which drew me in to read more. Her character and the other characters in the book were well developed and believable. While Stella's situation is misunderstood in her family's community, she does begin a bit of romance with a nice Christian theme woven into the book as well. During mid-story there is another unusual surprise bringing tension to the characters to keep reader interest. All in all, Stella is a fresh, satisfying Christian read.

I was given a copy of Stella in exchange for my honest opinion.

Linda Buzard-Moffitt rated it ★★★★★

This was a really good Contemporary Christian story. I felt that Stella was a very brave woman faced with some tough choices that challenged her faith. She persevered through them and came out doing all right for herself in the end. The story kept me interested wanting to know what would happen next with good characters that I really enjoyed (except for the misunderstood villain). I would recommend this story and also cannot wait to read the next in the series 'Claudia', which is about her sister. I really want to read it to hear what else happens with Stella, so hopefully she plays a part in the next story also.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Elle.

Mariza (Maddie's Book Reviews) rated it ★★★★★

Thank you to author, Elle E. Kay, for providing me with an advanced reader copy of Stella for a fair & honest review.

WOW.....This was such an emotional novel for me to read. Realizing yet again that we always put our faith in other people, when all we have to do is look up, be still and ask for help. Stella makes you want to be a better person.

"She could be surrounded by hundreds and would still be lonely. Her loneliness was deep within and couldn't be touched by human hands. She thought that God had abandoned her and her heart felt as if it were an empty abyss." - Stella

This is a powerful and passionate book about love, forgiveness, faith & family.

Everyone, in his or her lifetime, has experienced being in a situation that you can't run or hide from. All you can do is face it, and with the help of God, everything is possible.

Stella gets herself into an awful situation. She feels like she's living in a nightmare and thinks that God had abandoned her. She asks Him to forgive her and to show her the way. She doesn't know what to do or where to go. She decides to go home and face her family. There she realizes that no matter what happened, love and forgiveness will always be stronger.

What I loved about this book:

The interaction between Stella and God. She never ceases to stop praying. When she is in serious trouble, she talks to God. She believes he will help her no matter what and that he is always by her side. This is a faith that can't be broken.

The interaction between Stella and her family. Nothing is more important than family, so when Stella returns home, to her family, they are all happy to see her, they hug her and welcome her back into their lives. Even after telling her father what really happened and why she came home, he showed only love for his eldest daughter.

The interaction between Stella and Jason. Jason really likes Stella. He treats her with respect, he shows her he will stand by her no matter what and when she goes missing, he searches for her like it's last thing he'll ever do again. Jason lost his parents and brother and when Stella vanishes, he prays fervently to God to return her to him.

A very powerful read and I would recommend this to all christian readers!

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Bhriv rated it ★★★★★

Stella, written by Elle E. Kay, is a GREAT read! I absolutely love Stella and how her life progresses, ultimately growing her as a young lady, but also closer to The Lord.

Stella grew up a Pastor's daughter who was always the 'good girl.' Then she goes to college and she made a few poor choices in her life. She asked for forgiveness, but the consequences of these choices affected her life in many areas. I loved that her dad and step-mom were loving and supportive when she came back to The Lord even in the midst of trying circumstances. I loved the excitement and suspense that was on every page of this novel! I absolutely loved that it had the underlying theme that God helped her this far in her life, and He wasn't going to stop now that she had troubling circumstances!

I completely recommend you read this story of a girl whose faith in God and men has been challenged, and just see how great a God we have and just maybe a truly loving and caring guy may just be out there for Stella!

I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest review.

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