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Shadowing Stella Kindle Cover

Released April 15, 2016

Evil lurks in Edinsville. Stella McIntyre, may have made some questionable choices, but she didn't deserve what happened to her. Pregnant, alone, and without a home, her challenges seem insurmountable. When she comes to the end of herself, there is only one place left to turn. She heads back to to the small town of Edinsville to the family and God from whom she ran. They welcome her home, but someone is watching from the shadows. Jason Duncan meets Stella at an inopportune time, but he's determined to get to know her despite her challenges. He has to push hard to get her to acknowledge his existence. Once he gets her attention, can he break through her defenses to break down the barriers she's erected to protect her heart? When Stella is abducted she must keep her faith and wits sharp if she hopes to see daylight again. "Suspense, Romance, Faith, and Family - all the elements that make for a good read..." -D. Chatley (Amazon Reviewer) "The suspense kept me on my seat until the end. It's a page turner! I was rooting for Stella the whole time..." -Patricia Hinojosa (Amazon Reviewer) "The author has a knack (gift) of infusing new plots and characters within the main story line in such a fashion as to increase the readers’ interest and excitement." -Mary Van Everbroeck (Amazon Reviewer) Semi-finalist in ACFW Genesis Contest - 2015 ****************************************************** The Endless Mountain Series is a series of stand-alone books that can be read alone or as a series. While the characters from the first book are mentioned in the second and third books, they do not need to be read them in order to understand the individual stories.
Paula rated it ★★★★★
Wonderful Christian fiction. Bad things can happen to good people. Good mystery thriller.

Pamela Harstad rated it ★★★★★
Stella started with a unique inciting incident which drew me in to read more. Her character and the other characters in the book were well developed and believable. While Stella's situation is misunderstood in her family's community, she does begin a bit of romance with a nice Christian theme woven into the book as well. During mid-story there is another unusual surprise bringing tension to the characters to keep reader interest. All in all, Stella is a fresh, satisfying Christian read.

Implicating Claudia Kindle Cover

Released December 15, 2017

In the aftermath of a bad breakup, Claudia McIntire is framed for the murder of a childhood friend. Life gets complicated quickly when she runs into Dawson Montgomery. Will she and Dawson outsmart the real killer?

B. Amstutz rated it ★★★★★
Claudia by Elle E Kay is a combination of romance and suspense. I liked the characters, Dawson and and Claudia and following them through the challenges life threw at them made the journey through the book interesting and exciting. The story kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Meeting some of the same characters from the first book was like getting together with old friends. Besides romance and suspense, the faith and strength of the characters was very inspiring. This is definitely a five star book.

Ann Ferri rated it ★★★★★
Another winner from Elle E. Kay. This book has everything I look for in a book, it is a clean book filled with action and suspense. I will be reading more books by this author.

Chasing Sofie Kindle Cover

Releases in 2018

Sofie knows her boyfriend's death wasn't suicide. Investigating brings the danger to her doorstep. Outrunning it leads to a crash on a windy mountain road. Can Steven save her? Will the bond they form survive his next depoloyment? Find out in the third book in the Endless Mountain Series.
Lawfully Taken Cover

Released June 19, 2018

Are they willing to risk everything?

When bounty hunter, Nathaniel Hayes, accepts the assignment to bring in the Glenn-Ricketts gang and it's leaders, the last thing he expects is to get tangled up with a feisty female detective. Pinkerton detective, Adeline McCarty, wants to get justice for her father's murder, but an obstinate bounty hunter gets in her way. What happens when the bounty hunter and Pinkerton detective are forced together? Find out in Lawfully Taken.

Shonda rated it ★★★★★
I absolutely enjoyed this book! The characters had me laughing, I really liked Adeline. Coming from a wealthy family she didn’t shy away from a hard situation, she is strong and stubborn. I finished in one night, couldn’t put it down! I liked how the romance developed and the book ended. Truly a must read!

Gina Johnson rated it ★★★★★
A well written bounty hunter story. Adeline gets recruited to be a detective to take down the gang that shot her father and kidnapped her. By seeking vengeance she puts herself in a bad situation until she is arrested by Nate a bounty hunter. She is wanted as an accomplice in a train robbery and she needs to prove she is working for or Pinkerton. In the mean time they will find out that they are everything they each needed.

Released July 31, 2018

When SWAT and FBI collide, a battle of wills begins.
When SWAT Trooper Marguerite Kinicki meets Agent Diego Campos at a high-tension raid, their story is only beginning. Find out what happens to them in Lawfully Defended.
Lawfully Held Cover

Released March 12, 2018

Justine Gillespie and her dog, Lindy, are happily single and planning to stay that way. Coming out of a recent failed relationship., Justine isn’t looking for love. She finds her work fulfilling and has a mother who needs her. She doesn’t need a man getting in her way. State Police Trooper, Brady Hall, makes a routine traffic stop. The feisty brunette driving the car has some tall stories to tell, but he's heard his share and isn't inclined to trust her. When circumstances leave them little choice, they call a truce. Will they be able to keep the peace and beat the clock?
Bobbie rated it ★★★★★
This author certainly knows how to hold the attention of this was a pleasure to read a Christian book and know that God was in the writing.....hoping to read more books from this writer soon...:)

Bonny Rambarran rated it ★★★★★
Oh my -- what a way to meet a man!!! NOT! and then have to work with him?? Read this to see how God works thru all circumstances!!

Holly's Noel Cover

Released November 2017 as part of the “Under the Mistletoe” novella collection. Released July 27, 2018 as a stand-alone novella.

An author avoiding Christmas with his family. A widow baker planning a Christmas Pageant.

A clash between neighbors that might spark romance.

Forced to rent out her childhood home next door to make ends meet, Holly Ewing finds herself battling the aggravating new renter.
Best-selling author, Noel Ryan, rents a home on Lake Bethel, a three month escape from the distractions of home. He soon discovers that Holly is a diversion in her own right.

When difficult situations bring them together, will they stop battling long enough to discover what they truly want before Christmas separates them?

Painting the Sunset Sky Cover

Release Date to Be Announced

Rhoda's on the run after a terrifying discovery. As she begins her new life, she must make some difficult choices.